The answer is YES!

Q: Can I join the next round of The Offering if I’m going to be on retreat / on holiday / on the road / off the grid / without internet access at the beginning / in the middle / at the end of the moon cycle?

A: YES! The Offering was created with someone just like you in mind. You do not need to provide explanations or excuses or apologies. We trust that you will show up and participate as you can ❤ AND it may be interesting to lean into your assumed boundaries just to see what you’re capable of!

(If you do not anticipate being able to make any offerings of your own writing during a particular moon cycle, don’t worry about sitting out this round; we will happily welcome you back for the next one!)

Q: Can I offer a very rough draft / freewrite / revision of something I offered before / short story / poem / spoken word audio or video / review / book report / collage / photograph of a hand-written piece from my journal / technical writing / entire chapter / etc?

A: YES! …so long as it’s something you created new during this moon cycle. In order to keep things accessible for those who may not have the capacity to download or open large files, please share links to these rather than sending as attachments the group. Please also be mindful that not everyone has the software to open fancy file types.

Q: Can I ask for more feedback on the pieces that I offer?

A: YES! Just please do it outside the context of The Offering, for reasons explained in more detail here. For instance, you can ask someone directly if they’d be willing to give you feedback, or you could post a request in the #feedback channel in the online community. Again: please don’t use the email address for The Offering for this sort of request.

Q: Can I respond to someone to tell them how much I loved their piece / say which lines or images stood out to me / ask questions about the experience they’ve written about / give them suggestions for where to submit it / etc?

A: YES! If someone has asked or given you explicit consent to do so (see above), you may give feedback or ask questions, etc; again, just please don’t do it within the context of The Offering, for reasons covered here. When in doubt, ask for consent before offering your response ❤

Q: Can I share a piece of someone else’s writing instead of my own?

A: YES! This isn’t quite the intention of The Offering, however, so we hope you’ll only do this on rare occasions. And please only share someone else’s work if you can credit both the original author and your source (where you found the thing)… ideally with links to the thing on the original creator’s website or social media.

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