The Offering: Community Agreements

  • We commit to The Offering with the intention to share one piece of our own writing, daily or as frequently as we are able, for the period of a single moon cycle.
  • Recognizing that we each have different and varying capacities, we neither shame nor congratulate one another based on the level of our participation.
  • We receive each other’s offerings with the gift of silence or at most, a simple “Thank You.”(Here’s why.) If we want to interact more with the community, we head over to the online community space 🙂
  • We keep each other’s offerings, and the details contained within, confidential.
  • We do not reproduce or share anyone’s offerings. (If a piece is or becomes publicly available, we do not share any background context or information that we are privileged to know via our participation in The Offering.)
  • We request specific content warnings that we would like, either by sending an email to the group directly, or by making the request to the group anonymously via Elizabeth.
  • We provide the requested content warnings, plus any others at our own discretion.
  • We take responsibility for our own safety and comfort by asking the group to honor additional group agreements if the need arises, and/or we feel free to leave the group at any time, without explanation, to prioritize self care.

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